Law Practice Management (LPM)

Using a robust and reliable ERP base, Fardantech offers a Law Practice Management system (LPM). The LPM system manages your law firm operations electronically with no hassle. In addition is completely integrated with our ERP solution. With the system, the law firm today can have one integrated system for optimum performance and results.

The Benefits of Using Fardantech LPM include:

  • Case Management: Manage cases easily today without worry of lost paperwork and complete tracking. Since everything is electronic, works becomes easier to track and less cumbersome; this allows better focus to serve your client better.

  • Integration: Having the LPM integrated with a ERP means a complete electronic cycle for each case. This means in any given time; a payment or case information can be retrieved quickly with delaying your clients.

  • Details no longer need to be paper based: Information retrieval is quick without the need to look through copious amounts of files.

  • Superior reporting: A centralized system allows for reports to be generated with relative ease. The law firm will be to acquire all the needed information without spending a long time to gather information.

  • Reminders: Keep track of court appointments. When appointments are being tracked electronically, employees will be more responsible. In addition, reminders lessen human error.